Hi, I'm Ed. I create technology for communities and communities for technology. I'm also an author, artist, a hacker/maker, and a neuroscience fanboy.

I recently completed a PhD at the University of Michigan School of Information. My dissertation was on large-scale online deliberation. Before my PhD, I spent several years in Boston as a staff researcher at the MIT Center for Civic Media, and in Metro Detroit as a web developer and civic technologist. While I was in Detroit, I co-founded and served on the board for the i3 Detroit hackerspace. I've also worked at places like Apple, CERN, and Zimride (now Lyft).

When I'm not hacking the planet for great justice, I enjoy sci-fi/fantasy, playing ukulele, TTRPGs, dancing (swing and blues), knitting, ham radio, and bad puns. I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan with my partner, our little human, and approximately 35lbs of cat(s).

I am Edward L. Platt. Here is a list of people named Edward Platt who are not me:
Edward Cuthbert Platt (American actor)
Edward Platt (British author)
Edward Platt (bassist for Enchant)
Edward W. Platt (world's best auto mechanic / my father).